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  • Jolynn Lee

Seeing Beyond the Hurt

Every time I was the Disney movie "Moana," I cry - it is inevitable. I pray I never become immune or numb to the majesty and beauty of a life transformed bondage to freedom, from sorrow to joy, from hurt to healed. Wait - what? Aren't we talking about Moana here? Yes, yes we are!

At the end the end of a long perilous journey, our young heroine comes face to face with the Lava Monster who has been spreading decay and sickness to the surrounding islands. Moana has been on a quest to "restore the heart” of Te’Fiti" in an attempt to halt the destruction to the surrounding islands and their known way of life.. When Moana comes face to face with the Lava Monster, she realizes that the monster is really Te'Fiti, the goddess of the islands, who was harmed by the actions of man (hurt people hurt other people).

That moment of recognition spoke volumes to me. Trauma can leave us brittle and broken, seething inside with hurt and anger. Too often we destroy those things that matter most to us – those people closest to us. Trauma can cause us to push away and fight against the very helps designed to support and assist us, the very ones reaching out to us.

God’s mission is to heal the soul wounds of trauma, so that the shell of trauma that surrounds us is shattered once and for all, and we are free. We should work to help those wounded by trauma and support them as they face their inner grief and conflict. Our goal should be to assist the walking wounded and help bridge the gap between who they were, who they are in their trauma, and who they can be upon restoration. When our hearts are restored – when the soul is mended - growth and restoration will occur not just within us, but all around us as well.

Every time I see this video it symbolizes to me that those touched by trauma are a shell of their former selves. War wounds the soul and every form of trauma has the ability to damage the body, mind, emotions and spirit. But restoration and rebirth can be found - healing in community with others who "get it" will make all the difference. As silly and simplistic as it may sound, when Moana looked at the Lava Monster and saw through that charcoal shell, she saw Te’Fiti.

We all need someone who can see beyond our displayed pain to the real us. The who we used to be and the potential who of what we can become. We all need someone to really understand the origins of traumatic pain. That awareness gives birth to hope. Sometimes we need to have our heart restored and we cannot do it alone, it takes input and assistance from others who see the bigger picture, who will walk out into treacherous waters to meet us halfway. We need those who do not shy away from our anger and the "ugly" we may display - who see who we really are........Trauma hurts, but there is hope and healing! If you love someone who has been wounded - don't give up on them. And if you are one of the walking wounded, don't give up on yourself.

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