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  • Jolynn Lee

The Power of a Word

Still has multiple definitions. One of which is devoid of motion or quiet.

The verb form of still can be defined as:

"to put an end to, to settle or calm."

The adverb form of still has power when you think of it Biblically.

The adverb form means:

"always, continually, increasingly,

in spite of, nevertheless."

Synonyms of still are:

calm, hushed, peaceful, quiet, restful, serene, tranquil.

Antonyms of still are:

boisterous, clamorous, deafening, loud, noisy, raucous,

rip-roaring, romping, rowdy, tumultuous, unquiet, uproarious.

The word "Still" originates from the old English "still," or the West German "stillan," both of which mean: "be fixed, stand."

At the beginning of the New Year, when folks were asking God for a word to focus on for the new year of 2020, I was seeking guidance as well. I was grumpy in my seeking because I was coming off 6 weeks of pneumonia , where I had been forced to slow down and rest for what I considered a long time. When the word came to me, I was in the middle of church worship and I started to cry -

the word was STILL.

But not "still" like you think.

I sat down in the midst of all the singing and let this wash over me, and I had the wisdom to write it down as it came. Please be reminded today, that our God is not just a God of the Old Testament, He is still alive and present, and He cares for you.

The definition of STILL, to be fixed and to stand, is what the Lord spoke into my heart - I pray in this year of great change and confusion it speaks to you as it spoke to me. Now, more than ever, I encourage you to be fixed and stand not in your own power or presence, but in the God of creation whose hand is over us all. No matter your current circumstance, remember our God is STILL GOD -

He is fixed and standing firm, and in Him you may also be fixed and stand firm in all of His promises!


He still heals! He is still good. He is still powerful.

He is still present. He is still miraculous.

He is still trustworthy. He still deserves praise.

He is still with us in the valley,

just as He is still with us on the mountain tops.

He is still faithful and His Word is still true. He still reigns.

He is still the Alpha and Omega.

He still restores. He still renews.

He still refreshes what is dry

and still breathes life into dry bones.

He still rejuvenates. He still reconciles.

He still rebuilds what is broken.

He still inspires. He is still prophetic.

He is still a friend and brother, you are not alone even still.

He still parents and guides his children.

He still speaks! He still listens.

He still cares for you. He still rescues.

He is still the God who saves.

He still delivers. His mercies are still new daily.

He still forgives it all.

He still pursues us with passion. He still longs for YOU.

He still reveals. He still offers grace.

He still loves you and He still transforms you.

He still calls to us.

He is still just as real as he has always been.

He still REIGNS. He is STILL IN CONTROL of it all.

If you need prayer today - feel free to reach out. We are in this together!

Colored by my grand-daughter and hanging on my refrigerator.
A Daily Reminder! Colored by my grandblessing, Bella, and hanging on my refrigerator.

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